Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Showing Mercy

It is nice to be home.

Today was a day to play with my younger son, to catch up on e-mails, to work on an unfinished project for my older son’s graduation, and to prepare for my sermon on Sunday [Our senior pastor graciously allowed me to step into the pulpit this Sunday.].

We had a great dinner together, all five of us. Hot chicken wings – our own, finely-tuned recipe. Now the older two children are off to youth group, my younger son is in the bathtub, and my wife is doing dishes. I decided to take a moment to post this entry to the blog.

It has been a few days, but here is are my latest thoughts about the Beatitudes.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. Matthew 5:7

According to Lloyd-Jones, mercy is pity plus action. A concern about the misery of others leads to a desire to relieve it. Mercy manifests itself in acts of kindness toward others. When we recognize God’s mercy toward us, we are moved to demonstrate mercy toward others.

This verse brings to mind Paul’s command to be imitators of God in Ephesians 5:1-2. We are to grow in likeness to God as we follow the example of our Lord Jesus Christ. Day by day, we are to become more like Him – and this includes the demonstration of mercy toward others.

As I encounter others who are suffering, particularly those who are suffering from the effects of cancer, I have a greater desire to do something to relieve it. My wife and I have discussed ways that I can serve cancer patients after my own battle is over. But I am also seeking ways that I can help relieve their suffering now. I know I can pray for and with others. I can offer encouragement from God’s Word. But there are probably other things that I can be doing to help relieve the pain of my fellow man. I trust that God will show me the ways.


Anonymous said...


You are presently ministering to others who are living with cancer in powerful ways. Today I had the Mother of 2 of my students call me to tell me she has been dealing with brain cancer that was discovered in early January. I was able to share the truth of God's love with her and then tell her you and your family's story. I ended by sharing your blog address with her and she was truly grateful. She is coming to understand God's love for her and the assurance of salvation that he offers and your blog ministry I am confident will be used mightily by our Father for her edification.

As I told you previously I had a similar opportunity to share your blog with one of my teacher's whose wife was just discovered to have cancer. He was in to see me yesterday and he and his wife are both growing in their faith and your blog ministry is playing a part.

God bless you brother, keep the faith!


Harry Covenant Marriage Seminars said...

Pardon me for missing the point, but since I’ve just attended a few covenant marriage seminars, I’m inclined to think more positively. My answer is neither yes nor no, but whichever is the most peaceful method.