Thursday, March 20, 2008

Considering the Unexpected

This is unexpected. To be sitting here at home writing this blog entry.

I was expecting to be in a hospital room recovering from surgery. But it did not happen. The company supplying the piece of tibia to be used for the reconstruction sent the wrong piece. It was discovered as I was being prepped by the anesthiologists. Thankfully, it was discovered before the surgeon began cutting.

Maybe it was the sedatives that I received, but I was not upset at all. I was not disappointed. I was able to accept it as God's perfect will.

When things do not go the way we expect them to go, we need to pray. Instead of being anxious, complaining, being impatient, or getting annoyed, we need to take it to the Lord in prayer.

I'd like to say that I react this way to every inconvenience. I do not. But this time, God gave me victory over my circumstances.

My surgery is re-scheduled for next Friday, March 28th. We will consider yesterday as a practice run.

God delays things for a reason. I heard once that while we wait, God is at work.

Perhaps the reason for the delay is that my wife has bronchitis and would not have been able to take care of me this weekend. Perhaps there are other reasons. We may never know. But we have to trust God's timing.

God stretches our patience to enlarge our souls. - Our Daily Bread, July 29, 2007

Along with the unexpected delay are unexpected blessings . . .

I am able to spend time with my parents who are visting from South Carolina. They came up to take care of our children while I was at the hospital.

I am able to celebrate Resurrection Sunday with my family.

I have an extra week to frolic while I feel well and am able to walk.

As I consider the unexpected events in life, I know that they are only unexpected from our perspective. God sees and knows all things. He is never surprised. And in that, I take great comfort.

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