Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Battle Begins

We continue to be overwhelmed by the love of God as demonstrated by the body of Christ. Each day, God shows that He is more than sufficient to meet all of our needs. He is strong when we are weak. He gives grace when we begin to fall.

It has been a week since we received word that I have a Ewing's sarcoma. Since then, I have had a bone scan of my entire body, a CT scan of my chest and pelvic area, a heart scan, and x-rays of my left humerus and right femur. The prayers of many saints, many of whom I do not even know, have helped me to endure the numerous needles and IV's.

I met with the oncologist at Lehigh Valley Cancer Center on Tuesday. He said that the tumor is in the tibia and is bursting out into the soft tissue of the lower leg. He wants to start chemotherapy ASAP. I am scheduled to have a vascular port surgically implanted in my chest. This will alllow simple access for chemotherapy, blood draws, etc. At this point, I will probably be admitted to the cancer center this Saturday for 3-5 days of in-patient chemotherapy. This will be followed by 18-21 days at home. This three-week cycle will repeat itself for a total of about 40 weeks. At the end of the 12th week, I will most likely have surgery to remove the affected part of the tibia and have it replaced with a steel rod. The chemotherapy will continue about two weeks after recovery from the surgery. Radiation will be added to the regimen as needed.

The most painful news that I received from the doctor is that I will probably not be strong enough to continue teaching. The intensive chemotherapy will take its toll on this 45-year old body. He basically said that there is a fine line between killing the cancer and killing me. All of my efforts will need to be focused on this one battle for the next ten months.

We have shed many tears over this in the past few days. At times, I am scared. At times, the pain is unbearable. But, we have never questioned God's purpose in this. We have never asked, "Why us?". We have not been angry. We are trusting God. We know that this is for our refinement (and perhaps for the refinement of others) and His glory. We are determined to please God. We are weak. We falter. But, by His grace, we seek to please Him through all of this. The more intense this battle becomes, the more we are leaning on Him.


BJ said...


We are praying for you and your family. You are in our constant prayers and thoughts throughout each day. We are here to support you and your family in any way that we can. We know that JESUS is already wrapping His healing arms around you.

We love you and know that JESUS will be with you and will comfort you through all of your treatments.

Love, Bill & Janis
Romans 8:28 (Our life verse)

ivory said...

You are a great encourager.
The hours to come will all be used for His glory.
Trust that you will do and say things that are pleasing to Him.
Your blogging will benefit many.
All of Gods blessings to you.
Your sister in Him,

JimmyB said...


So sorry to hear about this. We are praying for you. Let us know how we can help at Berean Church

JimmyB said...


So sorry to hear about this. We are praying for you. Let us know how we can help at Berean Church.

In Christ,
James Buchanan

Dann Austin said...


This is heavy. Sue and I will be praying for you. We are in Michigan until January 2 - then I will check to see how you are doing. God is Good - ALL the time.

Lorna Burns said...

You all have been in our prayers since Dec. 12. Jim, your blog will encourage many, including myself! Six years ago when we lost our baby I had a hard time accepting God's will. Six months later we found out the reason... 3 tumors detected by ultrasound. I had lost 18 lbs in 3 weeks. But God had taught me through the first trial how to trust Him! I had a peace I cannot describe. The more suffering, the closer I drew to Him. He and HE ALONE sustained me and my family. He smoothed the rough edges of my character, and caused me to have more compassion for others. Love Him with all your heart even when you dont understand; maybe especially when you dont understand. Love,
Lorna and Bob Burns

aprilmarie said...

Mr. Bond, I am sobbing uncontrollably right now after reading your blog. I was one of your former students, and I was quite a stinker for you too, but you were always so patient and gracious with the class. The strength you portray in your blog is astounding. I am touched and encouraged by your enthusiasm about heaven and being with Christ. Thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts. It is a wonderful legacy that you are going to leave behind. You and your family are getting added to my prayer list.
Love, April Cunningham Redfield
(I was the bold one who used to sing in class when you taught at The Baptist High School)

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